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Build the Bricks and Help the Salary Man Escape

Build the Bricks and Help the Salary Man Escape

January 3, 2019

The salaryman is ready to escape his life. But he needs your help.

Salary Man Escape

In the new puzzler Salary Man Escape, gamers will need to leverage physics like weight, balance, and force to help create an exit for the title character to leave each level.

There are six chapters and 66 levels. Each chapter brings a new mechanic to make the game even more difficult.

Along with a classic 80s Japanese-inspired soundtrack, the minimal black and white visuals symbolize the salary man’s existence

In the optional AR mode, you can turn anywhere into a level in the game and get a 360-degree-view of the level.

Salary Man Escape is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models.

It can be downloaded now on the App Store for $4.99.

In the physics-based puzzler, you’ll need to reorganize different bricks and platforms to help the title character escape each level.

Salary Man Escape
Salary Man Escape
Red Accent Studios