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Burger Shop 2 is Your Next Time Management Gaming Obsession

November 23, 2018

The first game in the Burger Shop series saw you taking possession of a blueprint for a food-making machine before going on to create a catering empire powered by this device and your own time-management skills.

Easy come, easy go. Burger Shop 2 sees you waking up in a dumpster with a cranial contusion and no memory of how you got there. Worse, your diner is boarded up and your empire is history.

Fortunately you still have both your food machine and your time-management skills, so there’s nothing for it but to climb that ladder all the way back to the top.

The aim of the game is to serve food. Food items emerge from the machine at the top of the screen and head towards the customers waiting in a row at the bottom. You need to put the right food on the right plate and hand it to the right customer, over and over again.

At first this is easy. The only dishes you serve are burgers and fries. But as the game goes on you add more and more stuff to your menu, until eventually there are more than 100 different food items to manage.

It’s not simply a case of slapping food on a plate, either. Burgers need to be built, fries need to be fried, and so on, placing huge demands on your attention as you race to deliver various meals against the clock.

All the while the story of how you came to be unconscious in a dumpster gradually unfolds across the game’s 120 Story Levels. On top of those, there are 120 Expert Levels, a Relax mode, and a Challenge mode. There are 100 trophies to pick up too.

Burger Shop 2 is available in both free and Deluxe iterations (that one will cost you $1.99) on the App Store now. The free and deluxe versions are also avaialble on Google Play.