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Business Travel Nightmares

TripActions Aims to Eliminate Business Travel Nightmares Forever

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January 26, 2017

Business travel nightmares could soon become a thing of the past thanks to TripActions, a new travel management solution launching on iOS and other platforms.

A lot can go wrong when booking travel arrangements. When it’s a business trip, you can face even more headaches. TripActions’ new all-in-one business travel management solution hopes to change this.

Backed by nearly $15 million in new funding, TripActions recently launched after months of testing. To date, 70 companies use the service, including eHarmony, SurveyMonkey, and Netskope.

With TripActions, businesses can save up to 30 percent on travel. As an employee, you have the ability to book every aspect of a business trip using an iOS device, including the flight, hotel, and car. The application is also available via the web and through Android devices.

At the heart of the TripActions app is the Travel Profile. It’s from here where you can add and access your contact information, seating preferences, loyalty clubs, and payment information.

When it’s time to book, TripActions takes the guesswork out of finding the best solution for you by bringing together direct and consumer inventories. It also provides TripBucks, which are redeemable for vacations, an upgrade to first class, or gift cards. These TripBucks arrive without tiers, blackout dates, or inventory restrictions.

Speeding up the overall travel booking experience is an important goal of the service, according to Jeremy Bromwell, TripActions’ vice president of marketing, who recently took me through a demo.

Key points

There’s much to love about the TripActions experience.

For one, the app interface is second-to-none. It’s clean, modern, and incredibly user-friendly. The same cannot be said about other travel-rated apps, which I won’t mention here.

I was also impressed with the app’s choice of colors and fonts. Combined, they present a cheerful experience.

As for the booking process itself, I was impressed with how TripActions combines your Traveler Profile preferences with current availability. It means never again having to visit multiple sites to find the best deal for you and your company.

Other TripsActions features that stood out include calendar sync, the ability to change and cancel bookings on the fly, and activity alerts. TripActions also does a great job post-trip by keeping track of receipts, thereby saving everyone involved a lot of time and hassle.

The bottom line

According to Bromwell, TripActions is an ideal solution for businesses with as little as 100 employees right up to 2,000 employees. Charges are based on the number of trips taken plus commissions from partners.

Having seen the demo, I just wish there was a TripActions version for personal use. It would save me a lot of time the next time I wanted to book a trip.

If you want to end business travel nightmares and learn more about TripsActions, visit the company’s site.

TripActions - Saving Business Travel
TripActions - Saving Business Travel
Tripactions, Inc