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buy an ipod nano

If You Want to Buy an iPod nano, Here's Where You Can Find One

July 28, 2017

It’s official now: Apple has killed the iPod nano. The product has been discontinued, and you can’t find it on Cupertino’s retail site any longer. If you really want a new one, though, there are still options. You’ll just have to act quickly. We’ve found a few places where you can still buy an iPod nano.

Why You Might Want an iPod nano

Why You Might Want an iPod nano

The iPod nano is great for athletes who want to listen to music without the bulk of an iPhone. It’s a nice, small portable audio player that won’t encumber you, but it will still hold more music than, say, your Apple Watch.

If you’re a collector of all things Apple, that’s another reason you might want to pick up an iPod nano. It’s become almost as iconic an audio player as the iPod Classic was. Unfortunately, you can’t even find it in Apple’s refurbished and clearance store – all you’ll see there is the iPod touch model.

Third-Party Retailers Still Have the nano, For Now

Third-Party Retailers Still Have the nano, For Now

If you want to buy an iPod nano, you’ll have to take the third-party retailer route. You can go with either the seventh or eighth generation iPod nano models, since they’re the same device in different colors. Here are several options for third-party purchases.


There are quite a few iPod nano models available on Amazon. You’ll find the most recent models, as well as older ones. Here’s a small sample of what’s available.

Best Buy

At Best Buy, you’ll find four versions of the iPad nano.

Other Options to Buy an iPod nano

Other stores, both online and brick and mortar, have options that allow you to buy an iPod nano. These include:

Buy an iPod nano Now, or You Might Miss Out

Buy an iPod nano Now, or You Might Miss Out

There’s no telling how long these retailers will continue selling the iPod nano now that it’s been discontinued. If you want one, I recommend making your selection quickly while supplies last.