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Camo 2 Can Make Any Camera a High-Quality Webcam for Your Mac

March 16, 2023

Launched during the height of the pandemic in 2020, Camo helped make your iPhone the perfect webcam for your Mac.

Since then, Apple added the native Continuity Camera feature that allows you to to do the same thing with your Mac and iPhone.

But Camo has just been updated to version 2.0 with a number of new features.

The headlining change is that the app now works with all cameras. So whether you have a DLSR, action camera, or anything else, if it connects to a Mac or PC as a camera, it can be used with Camo. You can still use your iPhone with Continuity Camera.

You can use the app with a wide variety of video calling apps like Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, and many others.

In a blog post, you can see how Camo improves a wide variety of cameras. The company’s Aidan Fitzpatrick discusses more about the update:

Camo supports every regular control that cameras expose, and where a camera isn’t natively capable of certain adjustments – such as brightness or cropping – Camo automatically augments them with its own capabilities. Even if your camera’s over a decade old and does none of these things Camo will improve the video you get out of it. In future updates, we’ll be looking to add non-standard extensions that some webcam vendors have built (such as for firmware updates or custom WB modes) to a select range of devices.

In other words, if your webcam comes with nasty software that tracks you, runs on startup, slows your machine down or isn’t native, you can replace it with Camo. If the software’s PC-only and you’re on Mac, or if it’s years old or doesn’t support M1, or doesn’t have any adjustments at all, then Camo’s here for you.

Another great way Camo 2 improve the usual webcam experience is with a number of effects like bokeh and automatic framing face tracking with and without zoom.

The app also support the ability for LUTs and includes 18 included presets.

Previous users can update to version 2 for free. The app is free to download on the App Store and is for the iPhone and iPad.

You can download the Mac version of the app for free from the company’s site. There is also a Windows-compatible version.

Advanced features require a subscription to Camo Pro. That’s a $39.99 yearly or $4.99 monthly subscription. A lifetime license is $79.99

Camo – webcam for Mac and PC
Camo – webcam for Mac and PC
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