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CARROT Weather Update Focuses on Improving Customization Options

May 6, 2021

To start the year, CARROT Weather received a major update with version 5.0. Along with new graphics, quick actions, and detail screens, one of the best new features was a unique interface maker that allows you to create a truly custom weather app.

More Customization Options

More Customization Options

And a new update has focused on making those customization options even better.

There’s a new Layout screen that helps customize the information you want to see. To help get a better idea of all of the options, there is a preview of each section so you can see changes as they are made.

There are also two new sections to view in your forecast—a radar and an alerts section so you can see titles of active alerts.

With the display screen, you can also choose a specific font and text size.

CARROT Weather is destined for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

Anyone who downloads the app will be able to find weather conditions on an iOS device or Apple Watch, change CARROT’s personality, and search for secret locations. Access to any other features will require a subscription.

There are three subscription levels that unlock a wide variety of additional features.