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DTLA iPhone Cases

Many Reasons to Buy Casetify's New DTLA iPhone Case

July 26, 2017

Yes, you should you buy one of the new DTLA iPhone cases.

Each year, I probably receive around 100 iPhone cases to review. Though I rarely find a case I don’t like, few are actually unique enough to warrant a full review. Casetify’s new DTLA collection is one of the rare exceptions and here are four of the reasons why.

Why You Should Buy A DTLA iPhone Case

Why You Should Buy A DTLA iPhone Case

Priced at $49, DTLA cases are available for the iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, and iPhone 7/7 Plus. At launch, you can buy them in sand, maroon, olive, and matte black. For review purposes, I received olive and matte black versions.

1. Incredibly Strong

Let’s get the most important aspect about the DTLA lineup out of the way. These impact resistant cases are military grade strong with a rating of MIL STD 810G-516.6 due to a new shockproof material called qìtech. This material features impressive impact resistance and shock absorption qualities. Thanks to its crystalline structure, it also holds up amazingly well when dealing with high-temperature transitions. Here’s how Casetify explains qìtech:

To test the case’s resilience, I (reluctantly) dropped my iPhone 7 Plus onto bare wood flooring from 2-feet and 3-feet high. I also dropped it onto carpet from the height of 5 feet. Neither time was the case scratched, nor was my iPhone affected in any way.

2. It's Beautiful Too

I was also drawn in by the slick, urban style of the DTLA iPhone cases. This makes sense when you consider that Los Angeles California is the “LA” in DTLA. As Casetify explains, the “iPhone case is a nod to all of the inspired individuals that represent this city through their hustle and grind.”

3. Little Touches

Three design decisions also caught my eye about DTLA iPhone cases. First is the nicely raised Casetify logo on the bottom right side of the case, something they call the “individual branding tag.” I was also impressed that Casetify added text showing DTLA’s coordinates on the edge of the case and additional text on the inside.

  • One side of each case reads: “34 040 713 – 118 246 769 (longitude + latitude coordinates for downtown Los Angeles)”
  • Inside each case reads: “Tensile Toughness [UT] = J-m — 3-104 Measured in units of joule per cubic meter in the SI system. The city never sleeps. The wheel never stops.”

None of these design decisions make this a better case, of course. However, they do add to the uniqueness of the case, which I do like.

4. Price

Finally, there’s price. At $49, the DTLA is the least expensive impact resistant cases on the planet. At $49, the DTLA is one of the least expensive impact resistant cases on the planet. The price is the same for regular and Plus iPhone versions. They also come with free shipping when ordered through Casetify.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

With the so-called “iPhone 8” launching soon, now is probably not the best time to be buying a new case for your smartphone if you plan on upgrading this fall. For everyone else, the DTLA iPhone case is a great option. You can order one today through the Casetify website.