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Check and Share Your Weather With Cola Messenger

New bubbles are popping up with this texting app
Digital Communicator
May 13, 2016

Released a couple of months ago, Cola Messenger is a terrific app for group chats, planning with friends, location tracking, and assigning to-dos. And, in a recent update, you can now easily check and share your weather with details from The Weather Channel.


Make sure that your location is enabled for Cola Messenger and head over to your device settings if it is not. Then when you open the bubble options within a chat, you will see the How’s Your Weather? option. Tap it to see your local weather with some good details. From time and temperature to hourly and five-day forecasts, you get a nice view of what to expect. You can then hit the Send button to pop your weather into the text message.


If you are new to Cola Messenger, check out what else you can do with it:

Many ways to communicate

Many ways to communicate
Cola allows you to do much more than just send a message

With Cola Messenger, you can send text messages, of course. Beyond that, though, you can also communicate with your contacts through quick polls, to-do lists, or photos. On top of that, Cola Messenger allows you to find places to meet and even share your location with one another. Going even further, Cola Messenger provides a software development kit that will allow other app developers to integrate with it.

This is a great and useful update to Cola Messenger. For chatting, planning, doing, and all within a clean interface, if you have not tried Cola Messenger yet, give those bubbles a try. The app is available on the App Store for free on your iPhone with no ads or in-app purchases.

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Cola Messenger
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