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Chromatic Edges Brings an Old-Style Touch to Your Photos

Chromatic Edges Brings an Old-Style Touch to Your Photos

November 5, 2019

Chromatic Edges takes modern machine learning technology to help bring an old-school look to your images.

Chromatic Edges

Before film technology, photographers had to process photos using different plates.

The unique results are seen in images from around that time period.

And the app is able to provide an unlimited number of different edges to select from. Developer JixPix software took a huge number of painted edges and then processed them through an algorithm to help it create the look on its own.

When cycling through different edges, you can just select “+“ to save the style for later.

Along with the unique edges, there are a number of classic photo styles to select from like calotype, daguerreotype, gelatin silver prints, tin type, carbon print and many more.

With a little work, you can definitely create a unique image with Chromatic Edges while learning more about some of the classic photo processing techniques.

Designed for all iPad models, Chromatic Edges can be downloaded now on the App Store for $12.99.

Chromatic Edges
Chromatic Edges
JixiPix Software