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Clash of Beasts Is an Epic Strategy Tower Defense Game Starring Mythical Titans

January 13, 2022

Clash of Beasts, from Ubisoft’s Abu Dhabi studio, is an epic strategy game for mobile with tower defense as well as city-building and frantic, interactive combat. You can download it right now on iOS and Android.

The game sees you playing as an aspiring mercenary with the Beastmaster’s Spark, a special power that allows you to command titanic beasts in battle.

You will need it too – because your mother, a fellow mercenary, has been ritually murdered by a power-hungry villain called Gideon Morvus. Naturally, your mission is to rightfully avenge her death and reclaim the Spark that Morvus took from her as a blood sacrifice.

In the game itself Clash of Beasts sees you collecting, training, and commanding titans of land and air. There are 65 of these beasts to discover, all with their own unique attacks and spells. There are four different classes, too, and five different affinities.

This gives you massive scope to create unique spirit combinations and discover endless tactical permutations through conflict and experimentation.

There’s a huge emphasis on collecting and upgrading your beasts before diving into the impressive battles – because unlike many mobile strategy games these are totally interactive.

Your beasts follow the path of your finger on the screen, and battles take place across several modes including PvP battle, Clan War, Kingdom War, and PvE.

After each battle you claim resources like XP, potions, in-game currency, and victory points – with these rewards going towards upgrading your titans to help wreak further chaos down on your foes.

The other half of the game is a strategic tower defense experience – seeing you place defensive towers to prevent your opponents from rolling your base. There are 12 different towers to deploy, including some that stun targets, others that debuff poisons, and others that freeze enemies.

Like beasts, these towers have their own affinities, and the path to victory lies in combining them to the best possible effect, as well as in examining the affinities of your enemies’ islands before launching your attacks.

Clash of Beasts is a huge, innovative strategy game with a spectacular cast of titanic beasts and a rich seam of tactical depth. And one we recommend you check out. You can even team up with friends to create an even stronger force against any enemy or beast that stands in your way.

You can download the game for free right now on the App Store (or the Google Play Store). If you do so before January 24, you’ll even get an exclusive avatar and 150 soul shards.

To discover more about the lore of Clash of Beasts, you can also head on over to the Clash of Beasts official site and Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch accounts.