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Cross Platform Photo Editor Photomator Adds AI-Powered Smart Deband Feature

August 22, 2023

A great photo editor for all of your Apple devices, Photomator, has just added a new AI-powered feature to help makes your images even better.

Smart Deband allows you to remove color banding artifacts while increasing color depth with just a single click.

If you didn’t know, color banding appears as distinct band of color that go from one shade to another without blending smoothly. It often appears in low-quality photos with gradients or a vibrant gradient background.

The feature transform those color bands into smooth gradients. It will also enhance smaller gradient areas.

As an additional feature, Smart Deband will also increase the color depth to 16-bit, similar to a RAW image.

The feature is available in batch edit settings so you can apply the option to multiple photos at a time.

Along with Smart Deband, the Crop tool’s Straighten and Perspective sliders in version 3.1 will use decimals to display more precise values.

Smart Deband is just one of the multiple AI-powered features.

For example, you can automatically make subject, sky, and background selections with AI. It can also help you enhance photo, increase the resolution of image without any unwanted blurring, remove camera noise, repair small imperfections, and more.

Photomator is available for the iPhone, all iPad models, and Mac. It’s a free download now on the App Store.

You’ll need a subscription to use the app. For a limited time, a yearly subscription to the app is $19.99. It’s usually $29.99.

There is also a monthly option of $4.99.

The other great app from the developer, Pixelmator Pro, is now 30 percent off on the Mac App Store. You can download it for a one-time purchase of $34.99. Only for the Mac, the app allows you to edit photos, draw illustrations, paint digitally, and much more.

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Photomator by Pixelmator Team
Photomator by Pixelmator Team
UAB Pixelmator Team