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DeskConnect gets a major overhaul for iOS 9

The missing link between your devices is now better than ever
March 22, 2016

DeskConnect, an iOS and Mac application from the same folks behind the popular Workflow for iOS, has received a major update and is now better than ever. If Apple’s own AirDrop keeps on letting you down, consider downloading this smart, free “missing link between your devices.”

Optimized for iOS 9 and better than ever before

Optimized for iOS 9 and better than ever before

DeskConnect Optimized for iOS 9 and better than ever before

The premise behind DeskConnect is simple. It’s always aimed to provide iOS and Mac users with an AirDrop-style solution for sharing content between iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. You do this through installing the free DeskConnect software on all your associated devices, and in the past you’d need to fire up the iOS app in order to share images, documents, Web pages, or your clipboard between smartphones and tablets.

Now DeskConnect has been revamped for iOS 9, however, things have changed and improved. For starters, the app boasts an all-new, modern user interface (UI) that perfectly fits iOS 9, and which shows thumbnails of shared content inside the DeskConnect app (for iPhone and iPad). And there’s also a super-useful share extension that allows users to send content to DeskConnect from, well, anywhere. As I use my iPad Pro more and more as a Mac replacement, I’m finding the iOS share menu integral to my workflows. As such, it’s great to see DeskConnect gain support for this feature.

Aside from the above, DeskConnect for iOS now also integrates better with the developer’s other app, Workflow. And on the Mac side of things, an enhanced UI (including support for a “dark mode”) is also available, which is nice to see.

DeskConnect is, I'm finding, a better version of AirDrop for iOS.

DeskConnect is, I’m finding, a better version of AirDrop for iOS. Too often AirDrop doesn’t work for me, it struggles to find iPhones or iPads connected to the same local network, and the process means I waste time rather than save it. But with DeskConnect, sending content always happens reliably and the experience is generally great. Considering this is a free piece of software, it’s definitely worth the download.

You can pick up the revamped DeskConnect free of charge on the App Store, and it’s optimized for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Check out the application now; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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