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DJI’s new Phantom 4 drone is being heavily promoted at Apple Stores

The drone has exclusively launched through Apple
Credit: DJI via Twitter
March 16, 2016

DJI’s new Phantom 4 drone, which can be controlled with an iPhone or iPad, is receiving some prime promotion space at more than 400 Apple Stores worldwide.

Prime real estate

Prime real estate

The $1,399 device is being showcased in a special featured display. Along with signage, shoppers can take a hands-on look at the drone and its controller. Buyers can easily purchase the device or a number of its accessories.

It officially arrived at Apple Stores and Apple’s site earlier this week. Apple is an exclusive launch partner as other retailers won’t start sales until next week on Wednesday, March 23. It’s now also available through DJI’s site.

Before the official launch, DJI representatives visited a number of Apple Stores to give hands-on training sessions to employees. Along with being able to shoot 4K video at 30fps, the drone can capture 12 megapixel photos in DNG RAW format for maximum editing flexibility.

More about the drone

More about the drone
The drone can capture 4K video and high-quality images.

The drone can capture 4K video and high-quality images.

The standout feature of the redesigned model is its Obstacle Sensing System. Thanks to two forward-facing sensors, the drone scans for any obstacles and automatically pilots the drone around them. That reduces collision risk and ensures you will continue to fly in the same direction.

If the technology determines it can’t fly around the obstacle, it will stop and hover to wait for directions by the pilot.

The ActiveTrack feature can be activated through the companion DJI Go app. It will allow users to follow and keep the camera centered on a specified subject.

Another new feature accessible through the app is TapPlay. You can double tap a destination for the drone on the screen and it will automatically calculate an optimal flight path while avoiding any obstructions. A new intelligent battery also allows the drone to fly for up to 28 minutes at a time.