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Jet Black iPhone 7 Scratch

Does the Jet Black iPhone 7 Pass the Scratch Test?

This Hurts So Much To Watch
September 18, 2016

YouTube senstation, JerryRigEverything, has created a new video testing the new iPhone 7 Jet Black color, putting it through an intense scratch test.

If you wanted to know how quickly the Jet Black iPhone 7 can scratch, the video above does the trick. The phone’s finish, which Apple itself warns is prone to scratches, can easily be damaged, even with the simplest of objects.

In the video, JerryRigEverything starts off with a toothpick showing that the Jet Black finish is capable of resisting scratches from some woods. However, as soon as he goes to a penny, something that you’d more likely find in a pocket, things take a turn for the worse.

I went with the regular black iPhone 7, and glad that I did. Sure the Jet Black model looks awesome, but after a few days, it sounds like it will look far worse than the regular black.

How about you? Will this test keep you from buying an iPhone 7 in Jet Black?

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