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iPhone 7 Ads

New iPhone 7 Ads Highlight Water Resistance and Dual-Lens Camera

Both ads highlight the new black color options
September 18, 2016

Apple has published two new advertisements showcasing the iPhone 7’s water resistance capabilities as well as the new dual-camera system found on the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

The first ad, “Morning Ride,”features a bicyclist using the iPhone during an early morning ride through the rain. The 30-second ad promotes the iPhone 7’s water resistance, calling the iPhone “practically magic.”

The second ad, “Midnight,” shows an iPhone 7 Plus owner going out in the dark to take advantage of the new dual-camera system. Interestingly, the phone’s water resistance is once again highlighted, as the person taking the photos is doing so in the rain.

The commercial also shows off the new, super-sexy Jet Black color.