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Don’t Expect Disney Magic with Apple TV 4K's Viewing Options

Credit: Apple
Apple Meets Hollywood
September 13, 2017

At Apple’s iPhone X Event on Sept. 12, a big announcement was made regarding 4K movie and television show availability with the new Apple TV. This advancement includes hardware and software changes for the appropriately named Apple TV 4K.

As AppAdvice’s Bryan Wolfe explains:

The new 4K content is priced the same as HD content. Plus, if you already own content in HD, you’ll receive it in 4K now.

This is terrific news for those who want to jump into those high-performance options. But, there is still something missing – Disney. Noted by The Wall Street Journal:

Apple Inc. has signed new deals to sell movies in ultra high-definition with every major Hollywood studio except the one with which it has long been closest: Walt Disney Co.

- The Wall Street Journal

And, further:

Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger is on Apple’s board of directors and Disney was the first studio to sell television shows and movies on iTunes.

- The Wall Street Journal

Given the relationship between Apple and Disney, this really is surprising. Disney already sells 4K movies on sites like Vudu for $24.99. So, is it the lower $20 price Apple plans to offer the problem?

Whatever the reason, it is still disappointing, especially for those planning to buy the new Apple TV 4K for their family entertainment. And, if Apple and Disney do come to an agreement down the road, AppAdvice will let you know. So, be sure to check back.

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