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DooriGo Keeps Users in Touch with Scheduled Check-ins, Alerts and More

March 4, 2020

If you became incapacitated (or worse) in your home, how long would it take for anybody to realize? How long before your absence crossed the line between odd and disconcerting?

Maybe you’re lucky enough to live with someone, so you don’t often need to worry about this scenario. But if you live alone, or with pets or young dependents, it’s all too possible to find yourself adrift from the safe harbor of society.

That’s why you need DooriGo. This simple but ingenious app brings security to your life through regular check-ins.

Subscribers get a daily text at a time of their choosing. If they fail to respond within a certain timeframe, DooriGo alerts all nominated contacts via email to let them know that something might be amiss.

These alerts contain the GPS coordinates of the user’s last known location, so they’ll be easy to find. It’s also possible to store valuable information in encrypted messages that only the intended recipients can read: passwords, bank account numbers, instructions, the location of your will, and so on.

Of course, DooriGo isn’t just for disasters. If you have a partner who travels a lot for work or a child who has just headed off to college, or embarked on a year-long backpacking adventure, you can get them a DooriGo subscription to make sure contact is reassuringly frequent.

But tackling the problems that arise from 21st-century isolation is a core aim. The name DooriGo combines, “doori”, a Korean word meaning “two people”, and the English word, “go”. The app’s title means, “going together”.

DooriGo gives a vitally important means of getting in touch with the people who are important to you, while also giving you total control over who can contact you and when.

You can read more about it at DooriGo, or download it now on the App Store. It’s also available on Google Play.