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Download iOS 11.2

You Should Download iOS 11.2 Right Now and Here's Why

December 2, 2017

Early this morning, Dec. 2, Apple pushed out the first public version of iOS 11.2. This update is critical; you should download iOS 11.2 right now.

Beginning at midnight, some devices with iOS 11.1.2 installed started rebooting and crashing.

As Macworld explains, this is a bug:

The bug involves iOS’s “local” notifications, alerts that happen on your iPhone rather than Apple’s push notification service. It’s difficult to know which apps use local notifications and which use remote notifications, but one example is meditation app Headspace, which sends users daily reminders to relax and breathe. Any app that sends local notifications could be a culprit.

Luckily, there’s a fix, and it’s called iOS 11.2.

First introduced to developers on Oct. 30, iOS 11.2 brings some essential tools to the table, including Apple Pay Cash, faster wireless charging for the iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, and bug fixes. Interestingly, the sixth iOS 11.2 beta was just released on Friday, just days after iOS 11.2 beta 5 arrived. This move suggests Apple knew about the bug and was making preparations to fix it.

If you woke up to a crashed iPhone, here’s what you should do per MacWorld:

  • Turn off all notifications so the update won’t be interrupted by a rogue alert. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy task, since there’s no toggle to turn off all notifications at once, and local notifications could still slip in with Do Not Disturb switched on. Head over to the Notifications tab in the Settings app, and browse your list of apps to find any that are sending notifications. Tap the name and turn off the Allow Notifications toggle.
  • If your phone won’t allow you to reach the home screen to change the notifications, try plugging it into your Mac or PC to update via iTunes.
  • Install the iOS 11.2 update in Settings>General>Software Update.
  • After the update installs, turn on the notifications you turned off.

You can download iOS 11.2 by going into the Settings app on your iOS device. From there go General >Software Update.

This isn’t the first bug fix Apple had to release this week. On Wednesday, the company released a Mac security update to patch a significant macOS High Sierra issue.

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