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Downwordly is an Inventive Take on the Usual Word Game

Downwordly is an Inventive Take on the Usual Word Game

June 28, 2021

Word game fans looking for a new challenge definitely need to check out Downwordly.


Just like other games, you’ll try to make words with the letters on the board.

But the big twist is that some of the letters you see aren’t playable. That brings a unique challenge and will definitely test your word creation skills.

When you find a word that’s accepted, it will turn white. There is a great tutorial to start with so you can pick up game play in just a few minutes.

Along with a solo mode that features an endless stack of letter, you can also challenge others in a turn-based multiplayer option.

My favorite mode was a Puzzle mode where you have to find all of the mentioned words.

And for extra fun, a Daily Challenge brings a new set of five layers of tiles.

Downwordly is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models.

It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

Brandon Malicoat