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Dress Up! Time Princess is a Historical Adventure from IGG, Pre-Register for Prizes

August 21, 2020

Dress Up! Time Princess isn’t what it seems. From the title you might mistake it for a superficial kids app about putting clothes on virtual dolls, but it’s much, much more interesting than that.

In fact, Dress Up! Time Princess is a historical adventure, which aims to bring a variety of historical periods to life through hyper-realistic Disney-esque 3D visuals, engaging storylines, and, yes, a fair amount of dressing up.

The game has a classic Narnia setup. You’ve been sent to visit your elderly grandfather in Paradise Town. This isn’t how you had planned to spend your summer break, but your disappointment is soon allayed when you discover a lectern in your mother’s old bedroom that doubles as a portal into the world of books.

Through this portal, you step straight into 18th century Versailles, and a blazing conflict over a beautiful necklace. There are more stories in the pipeline, too, with the next one to be set in the early 20th century.

Dress Up! Time Princess is a story game, so wherever you end up you’ll spend your time interacting with NPCs and making highly consequential choices that decide the fate of the characters around you.

As far as the dressing up goes, every conceivable option is available to you, including face and skin color, a choice of exquisite Rococo outfits, and much more. But the story is the ace card. It’s a super twist on the casual dress-up app, injecting a dose of educational storytelling into a format that isn’t usually known for its depth.

To encourage players to pre-register for Dress Up! Time Princess, publisher IGG is holding a pre-registration Bridal Giveaway event.

At 1,000 pre-registrations, IGG gave everybody 10,000 Gold. At 50,000, it was 100 Stamina, and at 100,000 – the most recent milestone to have been passed – everybody got 10 Lucky Jerry Gold Tickets.

There’s still time to up the ante, though, with a coveted Bridal Gown Set available at 200,000 pre-registrations.

There are Friend Invite Rewards on offer too. Inviting one person gets you a Bridal Frame, two gets you a Bouquet, and three gets you a Special Action.

Influencer SSSniperWolf has gotten a sneak peek for the global launch, so keep an eye on her channel for more news.

You can pre-register for Dress Up! Time Princess right now on Google Play and the App Store.