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EaseUS Lets You Recover and Repair Lost and Corrupted Files. Get It for 50% Off Right Now

November 18, 2020

If you’ve owned a smartphone, tablet, or computer, then you’ve broken a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Maybe it wasn’t your fault. Sometimes devices just fail. Then again, maybe it was your fault, because you’re an absent-minded clutz who taps before thinking, accidentally deleting gigabytes of precious sentimental data in the process.

Either way, EaseUS has your back. Created all the way back in 2004, EaseUS specializes in recovering data that otherwise would be consigned to the recycle bin of history.

It can retrieve over a thousand different file types from the digital afterlife, including text files (e.g., DOCX, PDF), graphics files (JPEG, PNG), audio files (M4A, WAV), archive files (ZIP, RAR), video files (AVI, MP4), and many more.

EaseUS caters for all sorts of data loss scenarios, too, across Windows and MacOS devices. Those include senior moments like accidentally deleting a file or emptying your recycle bin, but also accidental damage.

We all know how easy it is to drop your phone into a body of water. It’s pretty easy to drop a body of water onto your phone, too. Thankfully, your data isn’t necessarily beyond salvation – you just need to put EaseUS on the case.

Other data loss scenarios include system crashes, corrupted file systems, and even file-destroying viral infections.

It’s all very clever, but fortunately you don’t need to be very clever to use it. True to its name, EaseUS is easy to use and super-compact. It comes with a number of handy features, too, including the ability to use files as the software recovers them, rather than having to wait for the entire process to end.

You can also pause import/export sessions, meaning you don’t have to tie up your computer for potentially hours at a time, depending on the size of the drive you’re scanning.

And you can avoid scanning the entire drive by using EaseUS’s clever filtering tools, which let you search for files by type or tag. It makes your average scanning software look like a steamroller.

EaseUS is a good bet if you’re looking for the best data recovery software. It’s free to download, with 2GB worth of data included free of charge. You’ll need to pay for the full version, but you can get it for 50% off right here on Windows or Mac.