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echo dot speaker

Deal! Amazon Drops Entire Line of Echo Speakers Back to Black Friday Prices

Deals & Shopping
December 11, 2016

For a limited time, Amazon has knocked their line of Echo speakers down to the same prices they were offering them for on Black Friday, making them the best prices for Echo speakers ever.

The prices for each Echo speaker are the following:

The Echo speakers are perhaps one of the more interesting and cool gifts you can get someone this holiday season. Many of us at AppAdvice love using them to ask simple questions as well as request songs via Spotify, Pandora, and even iTunes. The kicker, of course, is the ability to control various smart appliances in your house including lights, your thermostat, and even things like a coffee machine. In fact, we love the Echo so much, we’ve included it in our Smart Home Gift Guide.

If you missed out on Black Friday and you want to get one of these bad boys, now is the time to jump on it.