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April 21, 2020

You’ve got to give it to the capitalists: markets sure make life easier.

Take the world of in-game currencies and items. Once upon a time, you had to play a game as long as it took to get what you wanted out of it. That could mean hours and hours of tiresome slog in pursuit of a shiny bauble or WoW Gold.

But now, thanks to online marketplaces like, you can circumvent the boring, grindy aspects of gaming by paying real money for virtual items or currencies. Alternatively, you can monetize your own grind by selling the currency and items that you amass.

Just head to and browse the store. There are sections for currencies and items, and all you need to do is choose your game and then pick the best offer. Information like price per unit, exchange rate, seller rating, number of transactions and so on are clearly displayed so you can shop with confidence.

Better still was recently optimized for mobile users with faster processing speeds and different resolutions when you’re visiting on your iOS device. There’s also synchronization of notifications making sure that mobile users get the best experience possible.

If you’ve spent any time navigating these marketplaces, you’ll notice that’s prices tend to be lower than their rivals too. That’s because charges a mere 5% commission on transactions, compared with between 9.99% +$1 and 12% on other platforms. The difference goes right into your pocket.

On top of items and currencies, you can also buy ready-made accounts, where other players have put in all the hard work for you. Or, you can pay for boosts, handing over the keys to your in-game profile and allowing another play to take the wheel until your reach your destination.

It goes without saying that you’re free to put yourself on the other side of that relationship. You can build up accounts, boost other players, and sell your excess gold and items. Effectively, that means you can get paid to play games.

Visit the site via your iOS device now to get involved.