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Seven Islands Endless Runner

Defeat the Cardinal Sins in Seven Islands, a Challenging Endless Runner

Pocket Gaming
June 4, 2017

Seven Islands is a brand new endless runner that’s anything but generic. It tasks you with traversing, you guessed it, seven islands that are each themed around one of the seven cardinal sins.

Seven Islands, Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Islands, Seven Deadly Sins

There’s a unique challenge to overcome based on the sin each island is associated with, but don’t worry – you won’t be going in blind. You’re given a clue at the start of each level to help prepare you for the new challenges ahead.


That’s a good thing, because you’ll need all the help you can get. The difficulty in this game quickly ramps up. This isn’t your traditional casual endless runner. It’s level-based, and it’s far from easy.

Seven Islands still plays like a traditional endless runner, though. You’ll swipe right and left to dodge obstacles, jump over stuff, and collect a bunch of helpful items like stones, coins, treasure, and diamonds.

Unlike most in the genre, Seven Islands has a plot to follow, which is pretty neat. You’re trying to rescue your mother, who’s been kidnapped, and have to overcome each of the islands to do so. Only then will you rescue your mother.


You play as Ace, the Prince of the Kingdom, but there are a bunch of other characters to unlock along your travels. As you may have guessed, these are also based on the seven deadly sins, with each representing a different one.

Aesthetically, Seven Islands will appeal to fans of Monument Valley or retro games. The levels are made up of low-fidelity pastel shades against a beautiful backdrop of a star-filled sky. The events of the game might be tense, but the scenery is far from it.

Seven Islands is available now for free on the App Store. If you’d like more information about the game, you should also check out the official website or follow developer LionStar Studios on Twitter.