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Why You Should be Excited About Upcoming SRPG Langrisser Mobile

December 18, 2018

Fans of SRPGs need to get excited because Langrisser Mobile is arriving very soon – and looks to offer an experience like no other.

If you recognize the name, that’s because Langrisser has been around since the halcyon days of the Sega Mega Drive, and has since found a home on PC, SNES, PS2, and Sega Saturn.

And in 2019 it’s going to make an epic comeback with ports of the first two on PS4 and Switch, and an exclusive new entry in the franchise for mobile.

You can play the latter right now if you live in China, where it’s topped the App Store charts since its August release. Dig into the development of Langrisser Mobile and it’s easy to see why – this is a fully-fledged entry that just so happens to be on mobile.

Here are some reasons why you should be very excited about the game.

Langrisser Mobile Hasn't Been Streamlined for Mobile – it's a Full-Fledged New Entry

Langrisser Mobile Hasn't Been Streamlined for Mobile – it's a Full-Fledged New Entry

Langrisser Mobile pulls no punches when it comes to offering a full SRPG experience. This is a fully-fledged new entry in the franchise.

This is most notable in the battle system. Battles take place on enormous maps that you have to scroll to see the length of, just like in the good old days.

Also, there are more than 300 of them, and that includes classic battles from the franchise. That’s thanks to the ‘Time Rift’ feature, which revives moments like Escape from the Capital or The Revived Alhazard for a brand new audience.

In terms of mechanics, Langrisser Mobile also provides a huge amount of depth. It introduces new mechanics like the terrain, which can boost or weaken a unit depending on where they choose to stand. That provides a ton more strategic options. You’ve got full on class trees to work your way through as well allowing you to customize your heroes for the challenges ahead.

You could turn a Fighter into a High Rider to increase mobility, or a Marshal so it can soak up more punishment. There are loads of choices like this and it makes your heroes feel more like your own.

There's a Lengthy Plot, Complete Voice Acting, and the Original Composer Returns

There's a Lengthy Plot, Complete Voice Acting, and the Original Composer Returns

We can’t stress enough how much we love that Langrisser Mobile actually has a single player campaign to play through. That includes an original storyline complete with full voice acting for all dialogue.

To boost content further, there are a ton of side quests that help you learn loads more about the heroes that choose to join your party too. That’s an insane amount of content.

Oh, and Noriyuki Iwadare – known as a contemporary genius of a composer in Japan – returns to create the music for this latest entry. Iwadare has composed the music for every single Langrisser game so far, so it just wouldn’t be the same without him.

He even created a new theme song for Langrisser Mobile, in which the new work “New Journey” is used in the game’s world map. His musical style is elegant but also evokes a grand atmosphere, and he has reinterpreted the music of previous iterations in the series for this new mobile entry.

That demonstrates the sheer amount of effort that’s gone into this sequel, despite it being a mobile exclusive. It really is a brand new entry in the franchise.

The Art Style is Hugely Impressive - and Nostalgic

The Art Style is Hugely Impressive - and Nostalgic

Langrisser and – for example – Fire Emblem Heroes share similar art styles in that they’re both inspired by anime, are very colorful, and feature wonderful animations. However, we reckon Langrisser Mobile just about has the edge over Nintendo’s title.

While Fire Emblem Heroes mostly focused on the heroes, Langrisser brings that same effort to the environments. You’ll battle through leafy woodland, imposing fortresses, and a host of other settings that really come to life thanks to the visual flourishes.

This is largely down to designer Satoshi Urushihara. He’s created a sexy yet not vulgar aesthetic, and his eye for detail on elements on things such as armor is unrivaled. The world of El Sallia is also perfectly realized, which will help long-term fans of the series feel at home.