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Facebook Messenger Bug

Facebook Messenger Bug Hitting Some iOS Users

Digital Communicator
January 18, 2018

A nasty Facebook Messenger bug has been uncovered that’s affecting some iOS users. As first confirmed by TechCrunch, the bug affects typing inside the app.

Some Facebook Messenger users have found that the iOS app freezes after they type a couple of words in a chat bubble. Not surprisingly, the glitch makes having conversations difficult.

For now, there’s no fix for the bug. Closing and reopening the app doesn’t resolve the issue, nor does deleting and reinstalling Messenger.

Facebook has told TechCrunch that the company is looking into the issue. There’s no word on when the issue could be fixed. With over a billion Facebook Messenger users worldwide, I would imagine the issue will be resolved promptly.



Are you experiencing this Facebook Messenger bug? Let us know below.

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