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Facial Recognition Speed

Latest 'iPhone 8' News: Facial Recognition Speed, A11 Chip Uncovered

August 21, 2017

The facial recognition speed on the OLED display of the upcoming Apple “iPhone 8” will be measured in “millionths of a second.” Elsewhere, the handset’s processor has been spotted in the wild for the first time. These are two of the latest rumors about Apple’s next flagship device to surface this past weekend.

With the start of September just days away, two new iPhone 8 rumors are making the rounds …

For months, it looked like Apple’s next flagship device would feature Touch ID embedded into the device’s OLED display. In recent weeks, however, numerous reports have noted Apple has abandoned those plans and instead will use facial recognition technology for authentication.

That technology could prove impressive, as the Korean Herald explains:

The new facial recognition scanner with 3-D sensors can deeply sense a user’s face in the millionths of a second. Also, 3-D sensors are said to be adopted for the front and rear of the device to realize AR applications, which integrate 3-D virtual images with user’s environment in real time.

Meanwhile, SlashLeaks has posted two blurry images purportedly showing the new processor for the device. Not surprisingly, the chip is called the “A11.”


As a reminder, Apple’s likely to announce new products as early as Wednesday, Sept. 6. At that time, we should see the arrival of the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 alongside the 4.7-inch “iPhone 7s” and 5.5-inch “iPhone 7s Plus.” A third-generation Apple Watch and fifth-generation Apple TV should also make appearances..

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