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Factions and Worlds Collide in the New Teaser Video for Illusion Connect From Super Prism Games

October 16, 2020

There’s a lot to like about Illusion Connect. The tactical RPG from Super Prism Games is chock full of gacha mechanics, tight turn-based battles and exciting adventure. It’s also got a really interesting story and some deep and intriguing characters, as Super Prism has just revealed in a brand new teaser video for the game.

The teaser shows the two worlds in the game – the real world and the dream world. These two worlds are linked by lenses, which act as a bridge. There are also two factions in the game – Uroboros and SEED. Uroboros wants to destroy humanity, while SEED is fighting to protect it from the nightmares Uroboros has unleashed.

Frantiva, one of the two characters introduced in the trailer, fights for Uroboros. She was once a hero of the SEED faction but betrayed them. That action shocked the circle of Radiants and has left Frantiva’s sister, who’s still loyal to SEED, in a particularly tricky position.

The other character in the trailer is Saya. She harbors a deep resentment for the nightmares and anyone who’s been hypnotized by them. Why? Probably because they slaughtered her tribe. Saya might look cool, calm and collected, but there’s a rage of emotions hiding under that facade.

You’re going to find out much more about Frantiva, Saya, SEED and Uroboros when Illusion Connect launches worldwide on October 22nd. You can still pre-order the game from its official website, or by checking out its pages on the App Store or Google Play Store page. There are in-game goodies for anyone who pre-registers, so it’s well worth it.

Interested in finding out more about Illusion Connect? Well, the best way to do it is to check out the game’s presence on social media. Follow Illusion Connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Discord. and you’ll be as up to date about the game as it’s possible to be.