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Jackery Bolt 6,000mAh Favorite External Battery

Our Favorite External Battery Charger is On Sale Today

Our Favorite External Battery
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January 27, 2017

Amazon is offering the Jackery Bolt 6,000mAh ultra-compact external battery charger, our favorite external battery, for just $22 when you use promo code JKRYBOLT at checkout.

The Jackery Bolt is our favorite external battery

The Jackery Bolt is our favorite external battery

What makes us love this portable battery charger so much is the built-in wires, plain and simple. Not having to think about whether or not you brought a wire with you is perhaps one of the best conveniences you can ask for in regards to an external battery.

The best part is that not only do you get an MFI certified Lighting cable, but you also get a built-in micro-USB cable, just in case you have a buddy with an Android phone who needs a little boost. It also has a standard USB-A port juts in case you need need to charge up something that doesn’t use Lightning or Micro USB.

The 6000mAh battery is also a nice bit of battery that will easily recharge your iPhone three times before the battery needs to be recharged. For a device this compact, that’s actually pretty awesome.

Here’s what one user had to say:

I have several external chargers, but this is the one I’ve come to use the most. The attached cables are super handy and really make the device — I never have to search for or fiddle with a cord. I carried this charger with me on a trip to Sydney. Great when I was out an about during the day and had enough power to ensure both my iPhone and SkyRoam hotspot stayed powered.

Bingo. The convenience of not having to worry about a wire is truly awesome. If you’re someone who’s on the hunt for a compact external battery charger, you should seriously consider this one.

Just be sure to use the promo code JKRYBOLT at checkout to receive the full discount.