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This Food Photo App Tries to Scam Touch ID Users Out of $89.99

August 19, 2019

Update: The app has been removed from the App Store.

An app that promises to improve photos of your food instead is instead trying to scam Touch ID users out of $89.99.

How it Works

How it Works

You can look at the app description for Niam: Tasty Editor here. Obviously, don’t download the app.

The screenshots and description make the app look like a simple way to edit and add filters to your food photos. But instead, the app gets right to the scam once its downloaded and opened.

On the first page, the app asks “Would you like to have access to your photo library with Touch-ID?” There are two possible option, yes and no.

Selecting either option will then bring up a dialog box saying “Touch ID for Niam. Touch the Home button to get access to the application.”

Anyone with a Touch ID iPhone who touches the home button will then see that the dialog box quickly changes to an in-app purchase screen for an $89.99 purchase to unlock a “membership.”

If you allow purchases with Touch ID, and are slow to remove your finger from sensor, the in-app purchase quickly completes and you’ve just paid $89.99 to “developer” Tatyana Povstyan.

The scam is more difficult with a more modern iPhone or iPad with Face ID. You’ll need to double click the side button to confirm any purchase making an accidental purchase much more unlikely.

Another app using Touch ID in an attempt to scam users was first discovered late last year and recently returned to the App Store under a different name. You can read about that on 9to5Mac.

If you ever happen to fall for a scam like this, head here to see how to request a refund from Apple.