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Friends With Tag is Making New Friendships Easy Wherever You Are

October 1, 2019

Friends are great. You can hang out with them, ask them stuff, share recipes, play videogames on the couch, and generally enjoy your life much more than if you didn’t have friends.

But where are they? You’ve just moved to a new city and all of your friends are back in your old city, right where you left them.

We live in an age where moving for work and study is commonplace, which means sudden friendlessness is common too. You’ve almost certainly found yourself if that position at least once in your life. Fortunately, there’s a solution in the form of FriendsWithTag.

Like a sort of Tinder for people who aren’t horny, FriendsWithTag turns the previously long and grueling chore of making new friends into a quick and easy process using the miracle of smartphone technology.

All you need to do after moving to your new place, and ideally unpacking your boxes, is to fill out a survey about yourself – your profession, your hobbies, your marital status, and that sort of thing. You can also add personal photos and your location.

The app then puts its algorithms to work, and you’re immediately up and running. You’ll be presented with the profiles of other FriendsWithTag users in your area, and the app will let you know how good a match you are with each one, expressed as a percentage.

At last, there’s a way to avoid the age-old horror of spending time with a new acquaintance only to realize you’re only a 5% match but too polite to part ways.

FriendsWithTag comes with a housing feature, too. This allows you to view the profiles of potential friends who have spare rooms to rent.

Whatever your goals, you can get in touch with users through the app’s own custom messaging service, which lets you send text, images, emojis, and even snippets of audio.

You can download FriendsWithTag for free right now on the App Store and Google Play.