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GEIO FPS Battle Robot

The GEIO FPS Battle Robot Features Visual Recognition Technology

November 10, 2017

The GEIO FPS Battle Robot is a successfully funded Kickstarter project. The robot features auto-tracking and a variety of gameplay modes at a reasonable price.

The GEIO, which you control with an iPhone, features visual recognition and four game modes, “Royal Duel, “Attack and Escort,” “Scavenger Hunt,” and “Speed Race.”

With the Royal Duel mode, you play against another GEIO using weapons that stun. Under Attacking and Defending, teams of robots must take or defend a battlefield. The attacker has lower HP in this mode. However, it can run faster. The defender can’t move, only turn around, but comes equipped with more HP and stronger weapons.

In Scavenger Hunt, teams compete against each other to locate hidden treasure totems. Finally, with Speed Race, your GEIO can rotate 360-degrees and accelerate 2 meters in one second. In this mode, the winner is the one who first reaches the destination first.

Take a look:

Other features include:

  • First person view on your smartphone
  • Auto-identify enemies, auto-tracking for target
  • Omnidirectional wheels can turn 360 degrees for fast movement
  • Various A.I. emotions to interact with the player

I’ve been using a pre-release GEIO unit and really enjoy it. It’s well made, and the app it uses works as expected.

Because of my limited time with the unit, however, I’m not prepared to offer a full review at this time. And yet with the Kickstarter campaign still running until Dec. 8, I felt it was important to get this story out.

Thought the first GEIO units won’t arrive until after the holidays, the GEIO does make a nice gift. The campaign offers the GEIO FPS Battle Robot for as little as $99, which is 50 percent off the normal price. The first shipments begin arriving in February.