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Get Back on the Road of Exploration with Trips by Lonely Planet

Get Back on the Road of Exploration with Trips by Lonely Planet

August 21, 2017

Exploring the world can seem daunting, since there's so much to see. Any help you can get from learning about other people's experiences and adventures is helpful. Trips by Lonely Planet will help you discover new places and get inspired by the stories others are sharing.

Discover the perfect adventure and share it

Exploration, and learning about others' adventures, is more than just pictures. The story behind the photos is important, too, even though that picture is often worth a thousand words.

In Trips by Lonely Planet, you'll be inspired not just by the visuals, but by the narration, too. The adventurers who post their stories on Lonely Planet offer up great descriptions of who, what, where, when, and why.

You'll not only enjoy gorgeous imagery, but also some amazing writing. You can learn quite a bit from others' adventures, so you can then explore the world on your own with even more knowledge and foresight.

Of course, Trips by Lonely Planet is also great if you just want to live vicariously through the travels of others. The world is captured gorgeously within the stories in the app, and new travelers are posting their own featured stories regularly.

The app allows you to share your own stories, follow other travelers, and learn more about the world along the way. Get involved, post your own travel tales, to help others learn even just a little bit more about the world we live in.

A beautiful, simple, and intuitive way to explore every day

Discover the perfect adventure and share it

As you view stunning images of the world and enjoy expert narration of those photographs, you might find a story that you want to share. Trips by Lonely Planet recognizes this, and has your back.

The app is fully integrated with the Share Sheet extensions on your iPhone or iPad, so you can share what you find through text message, email, or on Facebook.

Every trip and adventure in the app is available on the web. When you share a story with someone else, they get a web page address they can click on and view. The web page views look exactly like what you see in the app, complete with images, captions, and descriptions.

Yes, you can even share your own stories within Trips by Lonely Planet. The app walks you through selecting photographs, then generates a story for you based on those images. Once it's created, you can edit your story to add your own text and captions, crafting your very own travel guide for others.

Whether you're ready to share your own travel adventure, or looking for inspiration, Trips by Lonely Planet is a terrific tool to have on your iPhone or iPad. It offers a gorgeous interface, intelligent albums, and a terrific way to learn about new places and share your own adventures.

Trips by Lonely Planet
Trips by Lonely Planet
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