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Get Fit With Thor Himself in the New Health and Fitness App Centr

Get Fit With Thor Himself in the New Health and Fitness App Centr

February 11, 2019

Leave the hammer at home when using​ the new fitness app Centr.

Centr, by Chris Hemsworth

The app is looking to stand out in the crowded field with a big name attached - Chris Hemsworth. The popular actor is probably most well known as Thor in a number of Marvel movies.

Instead of just a workout app, there are three major parts to Centr.

In the training portion, there are a number of workouts from 20 to 40 minutes that can be done at home or the gym. New workouts are promised weekly. Some of the different options include boxing, yoga, HIIT, and more.

A nutrition section highlights meal options and wholesome recipes.

The final portion offers a number of features similar to Headspace and Calm like guided meditations.

You can select from three major goals to begin - lose weight, get fit/toned, or build muscle. Users can also select their workout difficulty.

An Apple Watch app records heart rate and active energy during a workout.

Centr is designed for the iPhone and can be downloaded now for free. The app isn't designed for the iPad, unfortunately. Hopefully, that will change.

There is a free, seven-day trial. After that, you’ll need to subscribe to the app. There are three different options - one month for $15.99, three months for $37.99, or 12 months for $95.99.

Popular actor Chris Hemsworth is lending his name to a new fitness app himself and a number of other health and fitness experts.

Centr, by Chris Hemsworth
Centr, by Chris Hemsworth
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