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Heart Analyzer Gains Blood Oxygen Saturation Support With Apple Watch Series 6 and More

September 22, 2020

Heart Analyzer has always been one of the best ways for Apple Watch users to better understand all of the heart rate information collected by the device. And a recent update has added a number of new watchOS 7 and iOS 14 features.

View ECG Readings Side by Side

View ECG Readings Side by Side

The biggest new addition to the Apple Watch Series 6 is the ability to take blood oxygen saturation readings. And the app can now show daily ranges and view a week’s chart of the readings.

For the first time with the new software, Apple is allowing third-party apps to view ECG readings. And Heart Analyzer will show the health information and even allow you to compare two readings side by side.

Anyone with the latest iOS software can view important data in a home screen widget. And on the Apple Watch, you can view improved complications including a full size heart rate graph for the Inforgraph Modular face.

Heart Analyzer is designed for the iPhone. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

There are three in-app purchases available, all for $1.99 each. One provides extended heart rate data while another shows deeper analytics of the data. The third provides additional app customization options.