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Muting Siri HomePod

Muting Siri Possible Feature on Elusive Apple HomePod

January 22, 2018

The latest iOS 11.2.5 beta version for developers includes Home app assets that suggest muting Siri will be an option on the upcoming Apple HomePod. These assets were first uncovered by Filipe Espósito from iHelpBR.

As you can see above, the asset icons include a muted Siri glyph. Additionally, in some cases, you can see the text “siri-off” in the file name.

The $349 Apple HomePod features always-on voice functionality. However, there are times when folks might want Siri to take the night off and mute the service. For times like these, users will probably be able to create a “scene” in the Home app.

First announced in June, the Apple HomePod is likely to launch in the coming days after a long delay. Last week, the smart speaker received FCC approval, signaling that Apple can place the device on sale at any time.

When the speaker does launch, it will be available in black and white.

Apple often launches new hardware devices on Tuesdays. Does this mean the HomePod will go on sale tomorrow, Jan. 23 or will the launch be later? Let us know your thoughts below.