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iCloud down

Is Apple iCloud Down? It's Now Easier to Find Out Why A Service Hasn't Worked

February 28, 2017

Is iCloud down?

Apple iCloud outagesĀ are never good. They’re now easier to understand, however, thanks to a significant design change made on the iCloud Status site.

Apple has long offered an System Status site to alert you whenever there’s a problem with iCloud. Until now, however, the site only addressed past issues by giving a brief description on a timeline at the bottom of the page. This timeline, however, only included information from the past few hours, making it impossible to learn about issues that were resolved days earlier.

The newly revised iCloud System Status site ditches the timeline format. Instead, the site now lists every iCloud service and whether there’s been a recent issue. When there has, you’ll see a hyperlink indicating when the issue was resolved. By clicking on the link, you’ll also see the number of people who were affected by the service downtime.

By offering this type of information, Apple has made it easier for end-users to know about system problems that might have affected them.

In doing so, Cupertino has added some much-needed transparency to the process, no?

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