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Import Your Recipes From Anywhere With the New App Pestle

January 24, 2022

The new app Pestle is a perfect kitchen companion for any level of cook.

Cook Together With SharePlay

Cook Together With SharePlay

Even before you start cooking, it’s time to find the perfect recipe. And Pestle makes it easy to import recipes from anywhere on the internet while saving all the ingredients and steps. When you find something perfect, select the Share icon in Safari and then Save to my Cookbook.

Over time, the app will also learn where you save recipes from and then offers the site’s latest creation.

With a recipe in mind, you can then take every ingredient from the recipe and add it to a shopping list to make a trip to the grocery store easier.

To make the recipe your own, you can convert units and scale quantities.

When it’s time to start cooking, the app offers a guide cooking experience. Instead of fumbling with a device screen with messy hands, you can control the app with just your voice by saying “Next.” You can also set timers and get reminders for quantities.

Thanks to SharePlay support, you can also cook together with anyone around the world. Start a FaceTime call and then start cooking with Pestle. The cooking steps will synchronize on both screens.

You can download Pestle now on the App Store for free. Until February 1, you can unlock a lifetime subscription to Pestle Pro that includes unlimited recipes, cross-device sync, a meal plan option for the next two weeks, and much more.

After the limited-time launch price, the pro option will be $9.99 per year or $0.99 per month.

And developer Will Bishop is offering four free promo code to unlock the pro version:


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