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Welcome To AppAdvice Daily

The Past, Present & Future of AppsGoneFree

Welcome to AppsGoneFree 3.0 — an update that took us over 2 years to create and is so massive it warrants a full app re-name. So let’s start again:

Welcome to AppAdvice Daily.

AppsGoneFree is now AppAdvice Daily!

AppsGoneFree is now AppAdvice Daily!

Why the change?
AppsGoneFree is now AppAdvice Daily!

We’re really excited about this new version, and want you to understand what’s happening as well as how you can help mold it.  This app is as much yours as it is ours, so if you want something altered or don’t like a new idea or feature, just tell us! (There is a form at the bottom of every issue for you to give us feedback)

We’ve heard your feedback and felt it ourselves. We love AppsGoneFree, but after years of downloading the best free apps, the experience isn’t as beneficial as it used to be. AGFers are now app experts themselves and have a phone full of amazing apps.

AGFer hitting the nail on the head!

AGFer hitting the nail on the head!

Is there a way the service can expand? This was a hard question to answer because on one hand, AppsGoneFree is incredible. It solves a real need unlike anything else on the web or in the App Store. So we have to make sure not to forget what made and still makes this app so great. On the other hand, however, we’ve built a team of app enthusiasts who live and breathe iOS, and we have a strong community that helps us learn — together — about all the best that the App Store has to offer. There is so much knowledge and insight we all have that we’re simply not sharing.

Well, that’s not going to happen any more. We finally cracked the case, and the result is AppAdvice Daily. Through this reimagined app, we seek to answer these fundamental questions: What do our readers deserve to know, how should we share that information with them, and how can we let them be an integral part of the process of making it all better?

Our guiding vision when crafting AppAdvice Daily was simply that a user’s relationship with AppsGoneFree should mature the same way it does with their iPhones. The app has to provide an addicting dose of fun and entertainment to keep everyone coming back every day. But it also has to be intuitive enough to guarantee that iOS users everywhere will learn all the useful features buried in their iDevices. But even more than that, AppAdvice Daily is here to teach users new ways to extend their handsets and tablets. We all hate manuals, and iDevices don’t come with “user guides” for a reason. So don’t worry, this ain’t that!

What is AppAdvice Daily

We solved the problem and the answer is awesome!
What is AppAdvice Daily

First things first. The daily AGF listings you’ve come to expect have not changed, except that they’ve gained a fantastic new design. Everything is just where you’d expect it, and it’s a whole lot easier on the eyes.

AppAdvice Daily enhances the same great AGF experience with a modern iOS 10 UI & added easy-to-consume advice based on actual readers' requests.

Each day, along with the traditional AGF content, we’ll feature an in-depth answer to a reader’s question. Every single reader will have the opportunity to ask our app experts any iOS / app related question they want help with. No topic is off limits, if you want to know, other readers do too. We’ll research, test and make sure to thoroughly answer the questions we receive. Simply put, this comprises the very best app advice we can offer, and it’s concentrated on the following areas:

  • AppLists – Based on your app habits, we’ll regularly curate lists of things you care about. If you’re only a casual gamer, you’ll find things like “Games for Non-Gamers.” Busy professionals might see an “Apps for the Office” list. The more you use the app, the more we’ll learn what to show you.

Cool Feature Alert: Every time we talk about an app, instead of static screenshots, we’ll be using inline videos showing the app in action. We call these new videos “AppPlays.” AppPlays don’t interrupt your experience with an obtrusive, content-blocking video, however. Instead, they fit in nicely alongside that content, efficiently auto-playing as you scroll past and making it really clear if the app in question is up your alley or not.

  • Solutions – Even seasoned iOS users often don’t know the tips and tricks that make their devices life-savers. Simple articles like “Don’t let noisy group chats ruin your day” to advanced tips like “How to manage a lifetime of digital photos” are here to bring a refined sense of efficiency and organization to your favorite platform.
  • Accessories – There is a lot of junk companies try to sell you for use with your iDevice. But there are also add-ons that truly make your iPhone and iPad a lot more awesome. We’ll ignore the former and tell you all about the latter so you can heighten your mobile lifestyle with only the best accessories on the market.
  • Week in Review – Who has time to keep up with everything there is to know about iOS apps, iOS games, and Apple news? Oh, right, we do! Each week, you’ll get an article for each of these topics, filled to the brim with all the must-know info in a quick, easy to consume package.

Get The Advice You Want

We are, quite literally, answering each other's questions
Get The Advice You Want

Ask Away

Along with curating the best apps and app news, we’re trying to make AppAdvice Daily as useful as possible. We want this app to be the friend you turn to any time you want to do something better or faster on your iPhone. From finding games that are a great big blast to learning how to accomplish a crucial life task, we want to be your go-to resource for every problem or solution you might have in your mobile life. And we want our dedicated community to help. You can also access the form here at any time

How To Share

You’ll often find buttons within the current issue asking you to suggest content for AppAdvice Daily. And trust us, we’re not just paying you lip service, here. We seriously want your feedback. This content can come in the form of questions you need answered, you can share a cool app, and you even offer up your own tips and tricks that you think everyone should know and benefit from. By working together, we’ll make sure no stone is left unturned, and we’ll all know everything there is to know about the best apps in Apple’s crowded App Store. Together, we will become masters of our iDevices!

Help Us Get the Word Out

If you love this app, give us a hand!
Help Us Get the Word Out

We truly hope that you guys love the new changes. We worked really hard for a really long time to put together a revolutionary app service, and we are proud of what we built together. Everyone coming back to this app each day is not just a “user” but truly an integral part of our community. Our content is great because you all make it great.

Of course, there have been sacrifices. Unfortunately, while working on this update, we had to remove AppsGoneFree from the App Store. So over the course of the past 22 months, no new user was able to download our app and take advantage of our unique service. Only the existing community had access to the old AGF.

As you can imagine, all this time out of the App Store has really hurt our app in terms of the size of its community, which is critically important to keep the app going. Some of you may have noticed fewer authors contributing recently, and now you know why. However, we’ve got the crew back to a full ship now. But even with a full ship, it’s far from smooth sailing. For that, we sincerely need your help to make up for the past 22 months and to make the app better than it’s ever been.

How You Can Help

To that end, if you love the app as much as we do and want to help make sure it thrives, please tell as many people as possible to give it a try. We hate soliciting our readers, but frankly, the more people we can get to use our app, the more resources we’ll have to make it that much better. We appreciate all of you who have left reviews in the App Store, Tweeted about us, and posted to social media across the Internet. (Of course, we appreciate those who haven’t, too, because we understand that online sharing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.) Thank you all!

Wrap It Up Already!

Wrap It Up Already!

In short, AppAdvice Daily (formerly AppsGoneFree) is the very best it’s ever been, and we’ll never stop working to make it even better. We’re dedicated to updating the app regularly, and we’ll always be adding more features to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of your iOS device — and not breaking the bank to do it!

Please join us in wishing a fond farewell to AppsGoneFree, and allow us to wish you an even fonder welcome to brand new AppAdvice Daily!