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Improve Apple TV

4 Simple Ways to Improve Apple TV in 2017: Yes, We Want 4K Too

We're not asking for a lot, Apple
Apple TV
January 13, 2017

A start of a new year is the perfect time to think of ways Apple could improve Apple TV. We’re not asking for much, as you can see on the list below.

In October 2015, Apple finally got serious about its long-neglected “hobby” device. The fourth-generation Apple TV is the first to include an App Store and gaming library. Since then, a few incremental updates have followed to improve the Apple TV experience. And yet more is needed.

Design change, customization

An interface dominated by rows of app icons might continue to work on iPhone and iPad, but the same can’t be said for Apple TV. Despite some improvements (thank you, folders), the Apple TV interface remains a cluttered mess.

In 2017, Cupertino needs to rethink the Apple TV interface, making it easier for users to customize. Think background images that change depending on the time of day, and sections where our most-popular apps are easily accessible. And if app icons aren’t going away, shouldn’t they at least be a little bit smaller on the screen?

Entertainment vs. Gaming

Apple TV is both an entertainment and gaming device. However, we imagine that not everyone who owns one plans on using the device for both purposes. Perhaps two home screens are now necessary, one for entertainment, the other for gaming.

Love for Apple AirPods

One of the best Apple AirPods features is the ability to automatically pair with devices that use the same iCloud account. This includes iOS, macOS, and watchOS devices, but not Apple TV.

You can still pair Apple AirPods with an Apple TV like other Bluetooth devices. However, the process isn’t nearly as innovative. Hopefully, Apple corrects this oversight soon.

And Yes, 4K

This one’s an easy one. In 2017, Apple finally needs to release a 4K-compatible Apple TV. Isn’t this the best way to improve Apple TV?

How would you like Apple to improve the Apple TV this year? Leave your comments below.