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Incipio Esquire Series

Incipio Esquire Series iPhone 7 Cases Look Professional

The Esquire Series iPhone cases from Incipio are elegant and appropriate for even the most formal office environment
Incipio Esquire Series
December 2, 2016

I enjoy a fun, whimsical, artsy, and flat-out pretty case for my iPhone, but at times, life calls for a more adult look for the device most often on your person. The Esquire Series iPhone 7 cases from Incipio give your iPhone a professional look, suitable for any kind of formal office setting. The case itself reminds me of a suit; the textured case closely resembles wool suiting fabric.

This is a hands-on review of the Carnaby Case from the Esquire Series; I also had the opportunity to take a close look at the Wallet Case from the same series. They are quite similar, only the Wallet Case flips open to allow insertion of one or two credit cards for secure storage.

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The Facts

The Facts
Carnaby Case Esquire Series
iPhone 6 up to current models
Black, Gray, Khaki
$18.99 to $34.99

What I Liked

What I Liked

This is an unusual case. The frame is a pretty standard TPU, but the back is crafted from a “durable textile material” that looks to me like my husband’s wool suits. It has a distinctive texture, it feels like something between wool and plastic. While it’s difficult to explain, it’s aesthetically pleasing, quite pleasant to touch.

The case itself is very protective. It does add some bulk to the iPhone, but not unnecessarily so. There is a lip that comes up over the screen to protect it in case of face-down placement. You’ll notice a precision cut-out for the camera, the lightning port, the mute switch, and the speakers. Button covers protect the sleep/wake and volume buttons while maintaining full functionality.

What I Didn't Like

What I Didn't Like

The Esquire Series may not be to everyone’s personal taste. It’s meant to go with your clothing, and if your clothing doesn’t consist of suits, then this case may not be your ideal. Since my clothing tends to run towards softer, more feminine fabrics and styles, consequently this is unlikely to be my daily iPhone case.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Carnaby Case from Incipio’s Esquire Series adds class and distinction to your iPhone while protecting it fully. It’s absolutely at home in the boardroom and is designed to match your suit. It comes in Gray, Black, or Khaki for $34.99 on Incipio’s website. You can also purchase it for less on Amazon: the iPhone 7 Carnaby Case starts at $18.99 for the Gray. The iPhone 7 Plus case starts at $29.93 for Black.

The Wallet Case from the Esquire Series is a thicker version of the Carnaby Case, and it flips open to hold up to two credit cards tucked inside. Both of these iPhone 7 cases are as classy as they are protective. The Wallet Case is $39.99 on Incipio’s website and comes in Gray. You can find the iPhone 7 Wallet Case on Amazon for $34.93. The iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case is $33.58.

Build Quality
Aesthetic Appeal
Wow Factor

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