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Another Company Is Bearish on Apple's Long-Term Future

Oppenheimer joins UBS in questioning Apple’s long-term strategy
Apple's Ups & Downs
December 2, 2016

Concerns about Apple’s long-term future were on display in a “brutal” note about “strategic issues” from the analysts at Oppenheimer. This comes just days after USB also expressed concerns about the iPhone maker, according to Business Insider.

In the strongly worded note to investors, Oppenheimer explains:

We believe Apple lacks the courage to lead the next generation of innovation (AI, cloud-based services, messaging); instead will become more reliant than ever on the iPhone … We believe Apple is about to embark on a decade-long malaise. The risks to the company have never been greater.

At the heart of Oppenheimer’s concern is the belief that iPhone sales will peak in 2018. They couple this with Apple’s inability to raise prices across its iPhone, iPad, and Mac lines, and see a clash between “Apple’s primary role as ‘the hardware platform’ … with its secondary role as ‘the software and service provider.'”

Earlier this week, USB’s Steve Milunovich offered similar concerns in a long-ranging Business Insider interview.

I also have concerns about Apple. While 2017 should be a very good year for Cupertino thanks to the “iPhone 8,” what comes next is blurry, at best.

What’s the “one more thing” we’ll be talking about in 12 or 16 months? Anybody?