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Interview: How pCloud Towers Above the Cloud Storage Competition

July 2, 2021

When it comes to cloud storage solutions you have a fair few options. And one of those is pCloud.

So we spoke to a senior representative of the pCloud team, Rafael Pashamov, about what separates its solution from others, how they’ve adapted to the market over the years, and what exactly that ‘p’ stands for…

Hi Rafael! So tell us why people should care about pCloud when there are so many cloud storage solutions out there?

I would say that this is a rather subjective question. Our partners and clients praise pCloud for many different reasons. Imagine asking the music fans about their favorite artists, when there are so many others currently in the overflooded industry.

Of course, we have our personal opinion about this as well but it is rather analytical and in accordance to what the received feedback tells us.

Nowadays, people value relationships more than ever. pCloud has that special touch that lets our clients know that they are not simply paying for something they cannot see or perceive just for the sake of storing files. By joining pCloud, they are becoming a key factor in making our service a better place for sensitive data and hot storage performance. Unlike other services, pCloud has implemented many changes, updates, integrations and improvements based on the customer opinions!
 Our technical support team is basically a strong part of the service – imagine paying handsomely for something you experience technical difficulties with and being unable to communicate with a representative. Most of the other popular cloud services rely on automated replies or AI bots to reply to most frequently asked question, which is not the case with pCloud!

Our clients are the reason we are able to progress so quickly and offer such convenient variety in terms of functionalities and features. They help us grow, while we make them happy by making sure they get what they desire…and deserve.

pCloud is not the new kid on the cloud storage block either, being around since 2013 – how have you adapted to the market over the last 8 years?

Answer: I believe that this question is partially answered to in the reply above. 
It is not about being the newest kid on the block or competing with the market. For us, it is all about delivering expectations and finding ways to better ourselves. We include special packages and promotions more often than other services. Not only for the sake of business sales, but to let the people know that we are here and trying to give – instead of only take. When we are focused on progress and keeping that drive towards making our service better and polished with updates, our goals are to always elevate the bar for ourselves. This is achieved with new challenges and innovations. For the period we’ve been officially on the market, pCloud has introduced several revolutionary ideas for the industry. Starting from friendly and very affordable prices to new features that other clouds do not offer – Crypto Folder is a special feature which protects even the most sensitive Data, being unreachable even for pCloud representatives due to the Client- side encryption (Zero Knowledge encryption) algorithms. We have even challenged people from all over the Globe to try and break our encryption with a very high financial reward. Obviously, none were able to succeed. 

Of course, it is very difficult to not speak about the pCloud Drive Desktop application, which makes the life of many artists easier. You basically get a virtual Drive with many different functions attached to it, such as Sync and Backup. All of this, without taking up any of your local Hard drive space.

Can you explain your reasoning for pCloud’s unique pricing structure?

Success is achieved by devotion and dedication. pCloud aims to be affordable by many, but also keeps that specific niche target of people, who are able to appreciate and value our service.

When you’re building something as important and technologically sophisticated as pCloud and its indisputably industry top encryption, you’re no longer pitching yourself as an industry giant with monopolistic endeavours. This is a very advanced and specific type of service, which only professionals understanding the importance of backup and security of data could assimilate. 

Thus, our pricing plans are rather unique and often accompanied by special promotions and discounted offers. 
As mentioned before, we would much rather keep those who value our work and quality of the service, than push our ideals to places, where they are not needed. Of course, business- wise, we are looking forward to seeing more people join our precious experience.

In connection with this, pCloud is the only cloud service that actually gives you a one-time payment opportunity. Our Lifetime plan is the true definition of giving more and getting back what you deserve! Those special clients, who understand the true meaning of data protection make the decision to pay once and have their access to pCloud’s plan forever. This is extremely convenient and it has also helped us earn the public’s trust.

How have you optimized the pCloud apps for iOS and Android?

Quality integration and compatibility testing beforehand. What makes a great cloud service if it is not accessible on every device – anytime and anywhere?

pCloud is extremely efficient on both iOS and Android, having all the perks from working in the cloud. There are even some additional features available for your mobile devices, which make the use of pCloud on your phones even more convenient and user- friendly. Not only can you do an Automatic upload (if turned ON) from your camera roll or photos gallery, but you can also capture your screenshots and have them backed up on the cloud. You can scan a document and immediately have it ready for printing or saved in a .pdf file. 

What’s planned for pCloud’s future?

Many new integrations are planned. What we are very interested in is extending our possibilities and being more appealing to those, who are looking for something like us, but do not know about us. This is why we are starting community-oriented campaigns which aim to introduce pCloud to specific audiences with the help from industry specialists and accomplished professionals. A great example for this is the pCloud for Music campaign, which was supported by some of the most famous and trusted musicians in the world. The span of interest created by the campaign is very large and gives us perspectives to improve specifically for this market. 

Let’s not forget that pCloud is amazing for the general user, but even better for those who are not only consumers, but also creators.

So…are you the best alternative to Dropbox?

This is one of the most interesting topics surrounding pCloud! 

It is not a secret that people are always looking for new solutions and new ways to improve their lives. This is observed in every industry. The truth is that trends are created and followed by those who like challenges or new experiences.

Yes, sometimes the quality of the predecessor is very high and it cannot be competed with. 

However, this is not the case with pCloud since innovation is one of the key points in pCloud’s Business model. We are new and progressing very quickly, while working closely with the community, due to the fact that we are not an enormous giant in the market. This lets us have a better understanding of our partners’ needs and implementing them is easier than in the case with a huge industry mammoth. 

First and foremost, we are independent and “competing” in a league of our own. We set the bar high for ourselves and we aim to climb even higher.

Oh and finally – what does the p stand for in pCloud? Just so we’re clear :)

This is one of the most interesting questions. 
pCloud is proud for being very well structured and professionally organized in terms of company levels and representatives working for the service. Our team of developers is comprised of top talent that create revolutionary ideas. We like breathing rare air. Due to this fact, the initial insight that could be shared with you is that the letter “p” pays homage to the mathematical constant Pi- 3.14. As you can see, it is hard to escape from the artistic perspective in pCloud which is proven by our affinity to artists, photographers, musicians, and so on.

The alternative answer to your question would be that the letter “p” is also open to interpretations, as we all perceive the letter “p” as an association with some of the best IT terms and words. After all, what is a great cloud if not protected, personal, private, progressive with highest integrity and strive to perfection, punctuality which is achieved by being pedantic and especially perky when it comes to our hard- working technical support team. All these great virtues make our platform precious. And indeed, we value highly the received feedback from our partners which state that pCloud is the perfect place to store most precious memories and important files.

Thanks for Rafael for taking the time to chat. You can download the pCloud app on iOS and Android.