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Introducing GearAdvice: It's All About the Products

February 20, 2017

Today, we’re proud to introduce a new part of AppAdvice that we’re calling GearAdvice. What is it exactly? Put simply, it’s everything to do with physical hardware and gadgets under one roof.

Introducing GearAdvice

Introducing GearAdvice

As part of our "Grand Opening," we're doing an insane giveaway of some awesome products starting February 27, 2017. Want in? Be sure to read all the way through!

GearAdvice is your one-stop shop for finding four major things as they related to products. Those things are:

  1. Daily Gadget Deals
  2. The Best Gadget
  3. Gadget Reviews
  4. Gadget Guides

Daily Deals

Daily Deals is pretty straight forward. Each day we’ll surface 3-6 great deals that we think, you, our readers would love. Some require coupons, others do not. But each one of them is something that we not only like, but we also would recommend to our family and friends. You won’t find us linking to a deal for a crappy product.

To see some of our latest finds, head over to the top section of GearAdvice.

Gadget Reviews

Gadget reviews are products that we’ve had the opportunity to play with and offer our honest opinion on. The goal of Gadget Reviews is to make sure you understand what the value of a particular product is, why it would be of benefit to you and where you can get it. Put another way, we want to make sure our Gadget Reviews are as helpful and informative as possible so you understand why that particular product exists.

The Best Gadgets

The Best Gadgets is without question the part of GearAdvice that is the most comprehensive. The aim is to deeply research and find out what the best product is for a particular category. These articles will take an immense amount of time to put together, but in the end, will serve as a way for you to know that whatever product we’re recommending is truly the one that we think is the best for the job.

Here are a couple we’ve already put together:

Gadget Guides

Our Gadgets Guides are a curated collection of great products catered towards a particular type of person. Looking for the Best Photography Accessories? We’ve got you covered. Need to know which are the Best Accessories for your iPad? No problemo. Each of the products in these guides is hand-picked and we’re constantly updating them so be on the lookout for updates.

Think of the Gadget Guides as us taking everything we know as it pertains to a category and collecting them all in one place for you to easily browse. Pretty cool, right?

GearAdvice Giveaway

GearAdvice Giveaway

As part of our “Grand Opening,” we’re giving away over $3,000 in physical prizes. Yes, just like we gave away a pair of AirPods, we plan to give away some amazing, truly loved products. Here are just a few of the big ticket items you can expect to be given away:

There’s more where that came from in addition to other things such as bags, cables, cases, Apple Watch bands and more. What do you have to do to be eligible? You’ll find out soon, but the fastest way to find out about these giveaways is to follow @GearAdvice on Twitter. That’s not only where you’ll find out about these giveaways first, but it’s also where the winners will be announced.