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The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Qi Car Mount is Perfect for Wireless Charging on the Go

January 16, 2018

The addition of wireless charging on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X makes it much easier to juice up a handset with a Qi-enabled charging pad around your home or office. But wireless charging in your car is a different matter.

Even though some newer cars offer built-in Qi charging pads, most drivers don’t have any level surface to place a third-party charger. And then there’s the matter of aligning the phone and charger in the exact spot to operate.

While there were a number of in-car wireless charging options announced last week at CES, you don’t need to wait for the iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Qi Car Mount. Lets take a closer look at the charging system.

iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Car Mount
iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Car Mount
  • Designed to fit numerous phone and case combinations.
  • Can attach to either a windshield or car dash.
on Amazon
* price at time of publishing was $49.95

Available on Amazon for $49.95, iOttie’s system can be placed on either the windshield or your dashboard with the included pad.

When you find where to place the mount in a car, you’ll quickly notice one of its best features. The telescoping mount can reach anywhere from a little under 5 inches long to 8.3 inches. It can also pivot on a 225-degree arc for the best viewing angle.

That combination should help you find the best fit no matter your vehicle. I’ve been testing the mount in both a Honda CR-V and older Jeep Wrangler, two totally different vehicles, and was able to find a great position for the iOttie system on both windshields.

Unlike other mounts with a suction cup that continues falling off at the most inopportune moments, iOttie has added a coat of sticky gel that definitely lives up to its name. Once you find a spot in your car, there’s no need to worry about it coming off. If you ever need to remove the mount, just wash and dry the cup and the grippy surface will be restored.

The easy mounting and release system is by far the top feature of the charger.

The easy mounting and release system is by far the top feature of the charger.

Thanks to an easy adjustment system, the mount is compatible with all of the wireless-enabled iPhones and the larger majority of cases. You’ll need to do a bit of work to find the perfect alignment with the Qi coil, but once that’s locked in there shouldn’t be any other issues.

After plugging in the USB cable to the mount, you should be ready to go. The one-touch mounting system makes it easy to place your iPhone on the mount and remove it when needed. Just press the smaller release arms near the middle of the mount to open the main sidebars that will hold your phone. Press the phone down and the bars will close

When you need the iPhone, just press the smaller release bars once again. You’ll never worry about having to take your eyes off the road to get the phone onto the mount.

I’ve driven for more than a month with the mount and definitely recommend in. It works great in both portrait and landscape position to keep the phone completely steady while charging your iPhone at the same time. Definitely take a look at the system if you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use wireless charging mount.

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