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iPhone supercycle

iPhone Supercycle Not Likely This Fall, According to Deutsche Bank

Credit: Martin Hajek
iPhone 8 concept
July 11, 2017

Deutsche Bank analysts have poured cold water on the notion that the upcoming “iPhone 8” will lead to a so-called iPhone supercycle. Instead, market forces could keep Apple’s next flagship device from setting records, according to Business Insider.

According to Deutsche Bank analysts Sherri Scribner, Adrienne Colby, and Jeffrey Rand, Apple faces fundamental challenges as the iPhone 8 is set to launch this fall. Among these:

  • saturation in mature markets
  • elongating refresh cycles
  • declining share plus increased competition in China
  • and a growing secondary market.

Also playing a role are persistent rumors the next iPhone could cost up to $1,200.

“Generally, when prices go up, demand goes down,” wrote the analysts. “A scenario where prices go up and demand goes up seems highly unlikely in our view.”

The last so-called iPhone supercycle occurred with the iPhone 6/6 Plus, which launched in September 2014.

The 5.8-inch iPhone 8 is expected to feature the first design refresh for an Apple handset since the iPhone 6. The handset could ship with an OLED display, wireless charging, and more.

Besides the iPhone 8, Apple’s expected to announce a 4.7-inch “iPhone 7s” and 5.5-inch “iPhone 7s Plus” as early as September.

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