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It's Time to Jump Back on the Bike With Touchgrind BMX2

It's Time to Jump Back on the Bike With Touchgrind BMX2

May 2, 2018

Touchgrind BMX landed in 2011 and became a fast hit thanks to its unique take on a biking game and its natural two-finger controls that allowed gamers to ride and land the most daring hits in the air.

And now Touchgrind BMX is looking to make that great formula even better.

Touchgrind BMX 2

Easily the best feature of the sequel is the huge number of different environments to explore including a cityscape, a wooded forest, and many more.

Gamers can even design and assemble their own customizable bike.

There is also a number of ways to compete with other gamers in either a duel against another biker or a tournament. As you learn more tricks, you can also complete challenges and improve your rank.

To help show off your awesome tricks, you can save runs in real-time or slow mode.

Touchgrind BMX 2 is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

If you ever played the original game, definitely take a look at Touchgrind BMX 2. The sequel brings all the fun of the original and takes it up a notch with new features and improvements.

Touchgrind BMX 2
Touchgrind BMX 2
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