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Jet Black AirPods

Here's What Jet Black AirPods Look Like in Real Life

Jet Black AirPods
February 24, 2017

YouTube tech superstar, Jonathan Morrison, has posted an exclusive video showcasing what a pair of  Jet Black AirPods from Colorware actually look like.

While Colorware was unable to color the inside of the AirPods case black, likely because they didn’t want to mess with the charging mechanism, they were successful in making the outside of the case look Jet Black and of course the AirPods themselves.

Morrison himself says they look “flawless” and that there are no spaces or gaps. And boy, do we agree. Fingers crossed Apple actually decides to make this color with the next version of their truly wireless headphones.

From a functional perspective, it appears that nothing has changed. Everything works as if they were white, which is a good thing.

Want to get some? Well, you can grab a pair from Colorware for $299, but right now you’re looking at 10-12 weeks to get them. Ouch.