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Keep Track of All the Latest Music from Your Favorite Artists and Record Labels with MusicHarbor

September 29, 2021

MusicHarbor is your ticket to the latest news, music, and more from the artists and record labels important to you.

To start, you can import artists from Apple Music, Spotify, your local music library, or add them in manually. You can also follow record labels.

After that, you can see all of the albums from the artists and labels you follow in a chronological timeline. You can also switch between a Released and Upcoming tabs. There is even a home screen widget to quickly view the information.

On the timeline, you can preview songs or even open them on Apple Music or Spotify.

Other information yo can see include music videos and even news and events from artists.

The app can easily be customized the information you see.

And the app has recently been updated with new features.

Anyone with an iPad can use the app’s Quick Note support with links to the album from the album details screen. There are also new XL widgets for the tablet screen.

You’ll also notice layout improvements and more.

Designed for the iPhone and all iPad models, MusicHarbor is a free download on the App Store. The app is also available for the Mac.

You can unlock all of the app’s features for an in-app purchase of $5.99. There are also smaller purchase available to unlock specific features.