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Keep Track of All Your Important Goals With Progress

Keep Track of All Your Important Goals With Progress

November 8, 2021

No matter what your goal, you can use the great app Progress to keep track of it.

Progress - Goal Tracker

Using the app, you can track goals like distance, money, time, weight, and more.

To start, just enter the goals and customize the different values and units. You can select a color to display and even when or if the goal resets. The app will also intelligently format different units like currencies, times, weights, and distances.

There is also customizable quick actions for each tracker.

For a better idea of your progress, you can see trends over tie.

The app also features home screen widgets and support for Siri Shortcuts.

Progress - Goal Tracker is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It’s also available on the Mac. You can download the app now for free.

You can unlock additional features with a premium subscription of $7.99 per year or $0.99 monthly. Subscribers can track unlimited goals and use iCloud sync across their iOS devices and Mac.

A subscription will also remove all of the advertisements in the app.

Progress - Goal Tracker
Progress - Goal Tracker
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